MySync - ein Tool zum Synchronisieren einer Web-MySQL mit einer Client-MySQL Datenbank


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MySync - MySQL - Synchronisation without ODBC-Connection

Do they know the problem? You have a MySQL data base with your Web account and need the data also at home on your client PC to work on there. For safety reasons it is mostly not possible to access the Web MySQL data base with a ODBC connection.
MMySync is the solution
MySync needs no ODBC connection, because it synchronizes the MySQL data base by ftp and PHP access. They can define as many as desired jobs, which synchronize the data automatically between the client and the Web data base. In addition the possibility exists to call also other php documents time-steered, in order to thus update server data. itig Daten zu aktualisieren.

What is possible for MySync
  • Synchronize Data from the Web server to the Client and from the Client to the Web server
  • Data record or synchronisation by field possible
  • As many as desired jobs with tables and table groups possible
  • Time-steered synchronizing of individual tables and table groups
  • Time-steered calling of php-documents
  • Indicate the return values in a text field

  • Requirements
  • Everyone table which can be synchronized need a clear, numeric key (best auto_increment), which is filled with new data records continuously ascending
  • Everyone table which can be synchronized need a date field of the last change of data record of which however depending upon kind of synchronisation not with one synchronizes
  • A MySQL data base on server and client
  • Ftp access to the web page
  • php access to the web page
  • ODBC access to Client MySQL data base. ODBC driver gives it on the side to www under
  • Microsoft DATA ACCESS Components (MDAC) - Already exists on most clients - is not you can download it here

  • Not jet implemented :
  • Delete from data records
  • Synchronisation of tables, with which accurately at the same time on client and server side new data records are added. In this case the changes on the client side overwrite the changes of the server data base